It’s Not Ok Malumkoolkat


(Picture taken from Imagala)

On Monday as i was scrolling through Facebook i came across a blog post written by Tecla Ciolfi. The post was titled Why You Need To Stop Defending Malumkoolkat. I was interested in reading the article because so many of my Facebook friends shared his apology letter in acceptance of his actions.

Malumkoolkat real name Brian Simiso Zwane, was arrested in Australia for sexually assaulting another artist.  Zwane pleaded guilty to the charges, and he was sentenced to six months in jail with five months suspended. Upon returning home he released the original apology letter below


The letter generated over six thousand likes and over one thousand shares, with the comments endless. I took the time to read the comments not only because i enjoy reading the comments section, but because i was really interested in hearing what his fans had to say. Some of the comments shared the same sentiments with “welcome back and strength to you boss” and “big ups respect you man welcome back”.

A couple of weeks later a Cape Town based artist Lady Skollie posted her version of the letter and named it the #SorryNotSorry letter. In her version of the letter she highlights the pronouns used in the letter by the rapper, which ultimately portrays him as the victim.

Skollie was right in saying that Zwane has painted himself as the victim, and his fans comments prove that. Rather than acknowledging the serious crime committed, messages of “welcome back” and “respect to you” are pouring in.

This very man that has painted himself as the victim, has just been convicted for sexual assault and yet we are welcoming him and paying respect to him? I just don’t understand. Rather than feeling remorseful for his actions, Zwane has managed to make this about him and how he needs to heal, about how being in prison affected him. i just don’t understand. What about the girl that he assaulted? No one seems to care about her. When they do they (his fans under the comments section) make fun of the girl and ask him “what were you doing with a White girl anyway?”. I just don’t understand.

I just don’t understand how we live in a society that perpetuates rape culture and so many people are okay with it. According to the South African Police Services (SAPS), over 40% of South African women will be raped in their lifetime and that only 1 in 9 rapes are reported.

Only 1 in 9 rapes are reported because of perpetrators like Zwane and the people who support them (other perpetrators). The perpetrator is not the victim. Think about that the next time you want to defend Zwane.

Committing a crime is never okay, not even for you Okmalumkoolkat.




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